Hi there :)

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Hi there, dear reader! This is my first blog post in which I’ll explain why I decided to make a blog.

Well, there’s not so much to say, only that I felt the need to express my thoughts and to share them with other people. Hopefully, it will be catchy to people :).




Mă tem,

Mă tem de tine, de mine, de noi,

Mă tem de moarte,

Mă tem de viață.

Îmi surprind lacrimile curgând șiroaie pe obraji,

Ochii umezindu-mi-se,

Buzele uscându-mi-se,

Iar inima-nțepându-mă.

Mi-e teamă de adevăr,

Dar nu minciuna doresc să-mi fie servită,

Căci, deși adevărul mă-ngrozește,

Măcar nu mă orbește.

Mi-e teamă de moarte,

Fiindcă cu îndârjire iubesc,

Iar de singurătate încerc să mă feresc.

O, tu, moarte nemiloasă,

Nu mi-i lua pe cei rămași în viață;


O, tu, adevăr crud, gol-goluț,

Continui să umbli desculț,

De când minciuna te-a-nșelat

Și hainele ți le-a luat.

Toxicity or…

They say that you never really stop loving someone and I must agree with them. Love, such a marvelous yet fragile feeling. If the love you’re carrying is genuine, there’s no way it will vanish, ever. There are so many types of love out there: immature, aggressive, sweet, sour and we all get to experience at least 2 or 3 types of love in this life, but no matter how hard we try to move on and we actually succeed moving on from a breakup or a heartbreak, love will never die. Love isn’t awful, love doesn’t mean to break you, turn your heart into a cold stone, love is amazing. You shouldn’t blame your feelings for being fooled by a guy or a girl. It’s people that change you, that break you. Love isn’t toxic, but humans are.

They say you never really stop loving someone, you just try to learn how to live without them and I must agree with them. I’ve taken my time and I came to realize that my feelings were, are, pure. I will never really stop loving someone, but I’m learning how to live without them. I also learned how to truly love myself and enjoy my own company and it’s a great feeling of satisfaction, increased self-esteem. Running from your true self, from your true feelings won’t change a thing, but embracing them will grant you a different type of joy: I’m happy and I’m used to it– should be something that everyone can say easily.

I began to realize we’re still growing, whether we’re 15, 27, 38 or 60. There’s a lot to see, a lot to hear, a lot to smell, a lot to eat, a lot to feel. Regardless what you choose to do with your life, you’ll never stop learning; you’ll keep growing and growing and therefore learning more and more about what’s surrounding you: you will learn from others, but also from yourself- listen carefully to what your tiny inner voice is telling you.

Love, the greatest feeling of them all, and hate, the most baleful one: the opposites of a spectrum. Love means no harm and yet it wouldn’t exist without hate. Those people whose love isn’t genuine replace it with hate, hurting the ones they used to „care” about. So tell me, an innocent feeling like love is the one that caused you so much damage? Or was it hate that imprisoned your heart when it was the most vulnerable? People are toxic if they can’t vibe properly and some of them are capable of using hate to turn the other ones against love, making them feel both unloved and unloveable.


“I love you”… from my mouth…

How does it feel?

Would it make me feel better?

Would it make you feel better?

Would it make us feel anything better than what we have now?

I think it would,

At least for me,

It may not for you,

But it could for me.

I might sound selfish,

Thinking that “I love you” would change a thing;

Is it wrong to believe in love?

After all, it’s been two years, and I’m still the only one who embraces it.

But then you…

How about you?

I can’t imagine a happy scenario for us,

Because I’m not certain of this word,


Special ending

I haven’t forgot our special moments,

Nor you have,

Because they are ours,

We had and still do our ups and downs,

We protect what we believe in,

Hopefully, we won’t get lost ourselves

In this foolish world of ours

In which I claim to rule by your side,

But you’re not willing to accept me,

With all my flaws and my stubbornness.

And here was I, thinking you’d love someone almost just like you.

Cloudy summer

There are stormy clouds above my head,

Brownish leaves under my feet,

No, it’s not autumn,

It’s the beginning of 2018’s summer.

No, those leaves aren’t brownish,

they’re greenish,

But I can still feel the cold autumn on its way.

Above my head, pinkish and grayish clouds are covering the sky,

The sun is about to go on its way

to somewhere far away,

The moon is about to rise,

Yet the clouds don’t seem to make a move,

as they are clearly surrounding this place.

After a while,

The moon was the first to rise,

Followed by Sirius,

on the mighty,

cloudy sky.

Două stele și o poveste

Amândoi eram stele, străluceam pe același cer, făceam parte din aceeași constelație, din aceeași galaxie.

De la Big Bang încoace am străbătut împreună același cer, aceeași lume, dar nu ne-am intersectat decât recent. Ne-am născut din aceeași nebuloasă și ne-am purtat unul pe celălalt când încolo, când dincoace, gravitând unul în jurul celuilalt, observând asteroizii și meteoriții din jurul nostru. Am fost martori direcți la spectacolele oferite de comete și meteoriți, uneori chiar participanți indirecți.

Povestea noastră începe și se termină așa: două stele se-ntâlnesc, ele conviețuiesc, se iubesc, se învinuiesc, iar la final se disprețuiesc.

Deși din Orion ne-am născut și din Orion am făcut parte, steaua mea sfârșitul și-a găsit, dup-atâta amar de timp, iar steaua ta pe cer va rămâne, permițându-mi s-o privesc noapte de noapte. 🔭